The Story Circle

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A pebble breaks the surface of water in concentric circles. Each little wave connects the water as it travels. This demonstrates that the water’s surface is shifting and changing but always one entity.

Bodies of water are very much like communities. Just as many molecules of water make up a pond, or lake, or ocean, many people make up a town, a city, or a country. And a story, like a pebble, ripples through a community, moving us as it moves through us, informing us of our place in time and space, giving a tug on the bonds that hold us together in our humanity, reminding us of our interconnectedness.

The Story Circle is a place to toss a pebble out into the community, and let your story have its effect on others. It is a place to share the nourishment we need for our spirits and minds to flourish and grow.

Join us for storytelling.

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Story Circle #1 – Toss Out A Pebble

Friday, September 18, 6pm to 8pm PST

Bowen Lee – Writer – Dog Days

Social Chat and Open Mic

Coyote Eyes, How the Possum Got His Tail, and a couple of dog stories. I Am Not A Virus.

I Am Not A Virus
Story Circle #2 – Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Friday, October 16, 2020 6pm to 8pm PST

Bowen Lee and Christy Barden celebrate their birthday.

Audrey Knuth- Fiddler Extraordinaire

Susan Marie Frontzack – Wordsmith

Story Circle #3 – Gratitude

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry – Good Time Music to Be Grateful For

21 Days of Gratitude, Glad to Be Together.

Story Circle #4 – Songs with Stories

Nona Childress – Viola and Cello

Songs We Love, El Paso Sing Along, Songs with Stories Important to Our Lives,Songs with Hope.

Story Circle #5 – Straight Up Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Music Open Mic

Bowen Delivers the Message for 2021

Stories to Share

Stories are a special sort of nourishment. When you feed others stories, the stories feed you. When you share a story, listeners benefit from the experience. And that comes back to you.

Nice karma.

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The Purpose of this Series:

Community Zoom event for contra dance communities during shelter in place.

Opportunity for contra dancers, friends and family, to gather together for shared stories and music.

Opportunity to be connected through storytelling when we can’t be connected through dance.

To maintain, establish, or develop strong community ties through shared stories that relate our experiences, open our perspectives, celebrate being human, encourage and inspire each other.

Social event for continuing and creating friendships.

Venue for performers and musicians during the coronavirus pandemic.

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