Dance Caller


Love in the Time of Corona

by Bowen Lee, Paul Gallup, and Nick Cuccia

6 march 20

Beckett – No touching – connection is with eyes only

A1 (8) Dance forward, Neighbor left shoulder round in center (8) Partner right shoulder round, Robins pause and stay facing direction of travel, Larks pass by left shoulder to opposite side.

A2 (16) No hands grand right and left. Face direction of travel, pass 3 people- #1 pass by right, #2 pass by left, #3 right shoulder round and go back the way you came- pass #2 left, pass #1 right. Partners are opposite each other and have been traveling parallel.

B1 (8) Back in the original set. Walk (dance) clockwise in a square, Robins follow Larks (8) Counterclockwise walk (dance) in a square, Robins turn and go the way you came, Larks follow back to place.

B2 (12) Give and take to Robin, Partner free dance (4) Dance towards left diagonal to prepare for Neighbor left shoulder round.

This was written at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, before much was known about how to conduct oneself except that there was to be no touching. So this is a dance without hands, although of course, in non-pandemic times, this can be danced in the normal way.

It is important to know the direction of travel, 1’s down the hall and 2’s up the hall. The dance begins and ends with the same set couple for each 32 counts. The Partner free dance is whatever Partners want to do together, remembering to end with Larks on the left and Robins on the right.

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